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Volunteer Asks for 4/28

Hi All, We have a couple of asks major asks for this week so please see below. Also, see the message of thanks from our sweet soul in Penn North/Sandtown. Asks 1) Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for their safer drug use kits and hygiene kits, and they have an urgent need for volunteers to help assemble the kits. If you can help during the following ongoing shift hours please contact the associated email. Mondays, 4-6 PM (contact rajani@baltimoreharmreduction.org), Tuesdays, 10-12 AM (contact sam@baltimoreharmreduction.org), Thursdays - flexible timing (contact harriet@baltimoreharmreduction.org), Fridays - 9-11 AM (contact sam@baltimoreharmreduction.org). 2) The Fair Development Roundtable is pushing a social media storm calling on Mayor Young to act with urgency to #EmptyTheShelters! Please take a few minutes to help us keep the pressure on the Mayor- peoples’ lives are hanging in the balance. Please share something similar to the following on social media ASAP. "Mayorbcyoung, COVID-19 shelter outbreaks are happening now! Physical distancing requires emptying shelters and moving people to the vacant hotels! #HomelessCantStayHome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCMT8UexVdI" 3) We have an immediate housing need. We will give more details on in next blast but if you have social work or housing experience please send a message to Dre at frasera320@gmail.com Message of Thanks Also, our sweet soul in Penn North/Sandtown wanted to send their personal thanks to us. This is the message we received from our team lead Dre about regarding the matter. "Yall really came through for a sweet soul in need! We were able to deliver a mini fridge, twin bed frame, cat supies, cleaning supplies, $180!!!, and we have nebulizers coming in. Our new friend is ready to "play it forward" and was overjoyed by the support! She says she wants to help with anything she can and said "I love my new bed now, now I feel like a real person"  enjoy this pic of Nick Nick the cat (who we got lots of food and litter to and will connect with SPCA assistance program) as a big thanks from the homie over west! She is already helping connect others to services since we could give her some support!"

Thank you all once again. Let us always stand in solidarity with folks all throughout the city! Take care -- 

In Solidarity, Zach Margulies 732-803-0059 Abell & Charles Village Mutual Aid

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