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Volunteer Actions 5/6

Hi All,

We have a couple of asks major asks for this week so please see below. Also, see the update on details regarding our friends in Middle East. 

1) Out for Justiceis looking for 12 new twin sized bedsfor folks being released from incarceration. Beds or connections wanted, send info tomelissabadeker@gmail.com

2) A group of queer MICA students who were not welcome in their parent's homes for quarantine started a group house and are in need of housing items such as pots for cooking, curtains and curtain rods, blinds, plates, rugs, full sized bed frame, kitchen shelving rack, dresser, floor lamps, desk, desk chair, clothing rack, room dividers, cutting knives, cups, armchairs/chairs for living room, 1 or 2 mattresses, tv stand, bookshelves(would love multiple since they have no place to show/put their plethora of decorative objects/places to store art making stuff), soap dish as well as some pipe-dream items to make their stay more comfortable such as a lava lamp and beanbag. 

You can contact Yates(egodfrey@mica.edu) directly if you can help these folks out with the items listed.

3) Someone in our network has been staying in a friend's home. She does not have any income and is now receiving some government assistance. She has found a place to relocate, but much like the above does not have any household items. She is looking for the following household items to make her apartment a home. She is happy to receive used. The list as follows: Kitchen supplies/cookware, Dish rack, Cutting knives, stainless steel pot and pan, crockpot (dont need it but it could be helpful), oven pan, Kitchen table and chairs, Futon sofa, Bed/bed frame (i have a small bed right now), Night table, Coffee living room table, Bathroom items (shower curtain), A few Lamps and bulbs for bedroom/living room, Tall mirror if possible, tv if possible (don't need but would be nice), Area rug, Patio chairs and table(dont need it but it would be good to have ), House plants or outdoor plants, vacuum (will want this), Hangers, dresser, bed comforter.

We realize these items overlap quite a bit and that is coincidence. Once one request gets filled, we will notify you all. Thanks!

~~~~~~~~~~ Update on budding collaboration with middle east Baltimore residents: Our giveaway this Saturday was a great success! We got food to our friends over east, some of their extended network around the city, and clients of two folks in/ near our neighborhood. We received food from Food Rescue Baltimore that would have been wasted and we supplemented the bags with more veggies and non-perishable items with some of the funds raised with you all! We will have our next stakeholder call this weekend to talk about our next steps for improving and connecting! Please reach out if you would like to get involved- remote and non financial support is needed!--  Send those donations to Venmo username: Zachary-Margulies (with this image below so make sure to verify)

Paypal: zjmarg@gmail.com

We all feel so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful collection of people. Please never hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments.  ------------------- In Solidarity, Zach Margulies732-803-0059 Abell & Charles Village Mutual Aid

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