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Reminder: Corner Cans Aren't for Household Trash

Corner Cans, Median Strips and Public Rights-of- Ways Are Not for Household Trash

Today, Baltimore City Department of Public Works Acting Director Matthew W. Garbark reminds City residents and businesses that corner cans are not for household or business trash.  These cans are for pedestrian litter only. Placing household trash in public corner cans results in overflowing cans and rodent problems.

Director Garbark also reminds residents that placing household trash in median strips and/or other public rights-of-way for collection is and has never been appropriate. It is unattractive and can also cause rodent problems.

Municipal Trash Cans were distributed for residents to properly dispose of trash. If your residence does not have a Municipal Trash Can, please call 311 to request one.

We all have a role in keeping the city clean. Residents and business owners are encouraged to clean any litter and trash from the front and rear of their homes and business establishments, including curbs and gutters.

Crews from the Departments of Public Works, Transportation, and Recreation and Parks are working to address trash issues in median strips, public rights-of-way, and parks.

Dumping trash in the street, alleys and/or empty yards is illegal. Any concerns about trash in these locations should be reported to 311 or called in to 410-396-5352.

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