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  • Shelley Treadway

Our mural artist has been selected!

After an incredible response to the shortlist of artists for the Open Space mural RFP, AIA has finally selected the winning artist.

We are happy to announce that Hannah Atallah has been selected as the mural artist!

You can find examples of Hannah's work on her website:

We hope that you find that not only does Hannah have an excellent body of work - but that this work fits well with the spirit of our community and the Open Space. Hannah will present two draft designs for the mural to AIA during the April 20 Quarterly Membership Meeting, which will begin at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. We encourage anyone who is interested in the project to attend this meeting to get a first look at these potential designs and help give constructive feedback.

Thank you to all the neighbors that weighed in during the selection process - we've had a tremendous response so far and hope to continue to have the community shape the vision for this project.

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