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  • Shelley Treadway

A message from AIA about the fire on 31st Street

Dear Neighbors,

By now many of you have heard about or seen the fire damage on the 300 block of 31st street. What we know is that 3-4 houses on the row of 31st between Barclay and Abell have been damaged. A pride flag on the South side of that block was also burned. 3 people are in the hospital, exact condition unknown. We want to provide space, time and healing for our neighbors who were immediately impacted especially as they navigate and process all that has occurred. Let us please be respectful of their privacy and needs.

As we find out official information from Councilwoman Ramos and the Fire Department, we will host a community meeting. So please Stay tuned. Thank you for being part of a community that truly cares about our neighbors.

We are having difficulties with our member listserv. Please be on the look out for messages posted to the ListServ and the AIA social medias and website.

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