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Books & Baltimore: Building Community in the City That Reads

The Gertrude S. Williams Memorial Speaker Series continues with a focus on Books, Literature, and Baltimore. Coined 'The City That Reads', where does Baltimore stand now? What is the culture like surrounding books? Does literature serve and enhance our community?

Paul Coates will be joining the panel for this presentation in the speaker series. "W. Paul Coates is the founder of Black Classic Press and BCP Digital Printing. Black Classic Press, founded in 1978, specializes in republishing obscure and significant works by and about people of African descent. BCP Digital Printing was founded in 1995 as a parallel entity of the Press. The printing company uses state of the art digital technology to produce books and documents On Demand. The acquisition of digital printing technology distinguishes the press from other small publishing companies and places Black Classic Press on the cutting edge of 21st century technology."

Where: Zoom! Sign up for free here:

When: Monday, March 14 - 7:00 p.m.

Who: 29 SCC, Emma Snyder, Tia Hamilton, Paul Coates, and more to be announced

What: An evening filled with thought-provoking discussions on literature, books, and our beautiful city, Baltimore.

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