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  • Shelley Treadway

Neighborhood walks are now every other Tuesday

Abell neighborhood safety walks will begin occurring every other Tuesday beginning July 5.

The primary purpose of the walk is to help make our neighborhood cleaner and safer by promoting the visibility of neighbors walking together as eyes and ears on the street while communicating with local law enforcement.

The second purpose, equally important, is to note and report safety and/or sanitation problems such as illegal dumping of trash, burned out street lights, graffiti, trees blocking street lights, overgrown vegetation on fences and lawns, improper storage of garbage (i.e. no trash can or lid), evidence of rodent infestation in front or back yards, deteriorating structures or abandoned vehicles. We report issues to 311, and, in turn, report the DPW complaint numbers to the CVCBD Sanitation Team to follow up until the complaints are resolved.

We invite our neighbors to join us every other Tuesday to walk our neighborhood. We'll be joined by representatives from the Baltimore Police Department and the Charles Village Community Benefits District. Gather at the Open Space on 32nd Street between Abell and Guilford at 7:30 p.m.

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